What Backpackers Need To Know about Anzac Day

What Backpackers Need to Know About Anzac Day

On the 25th of April will be Anzac Day, the National Day of Remembrance in Australia.

Remembrance Wall

What does it stand for?

ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps)

ANZAC was the name of an army of Australian and New Zealand volunteer corps during World War 1. ANZAC Day is celebrated on April 25, when Australia and the New Zealand set out to capture the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey as a major strategic part of the allied effort.

ANZAC’s pride themselves in courage, mate ship, endurance, ingenuity, loyalty, and good humor.

ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps)

The day was originally designated to remember the veterans of WWI in Gallipoli specifically and later became synonymous in remembering all events where Australian and New Zealand Soldiers have fought and fallen in battle. In Australia, the day is a major national holiday with large events held countrywide.

ANZAC Day is not just about what happened in Gallipoli, but also about what is happening right now. Even though we are not at war many courageous servicemen and women are still serving their country.  It’s an important day to thank those men and women for serving in war zones and as peacekeepers.

Each year on April 25, Australians look back and remember those courageous soldiers who lost their lives or were wounded in battles on behalf of Australia. Many people wear flowers such as rosemary or a poppy on ANZAC-day in respect of those who didn’t return.

What to do in Sydney:

  • The most famous service to attend is the ‘Dawn Service’ held at The Cenotaph in Sydney’s Martin Place at 4.30am. Thousands of people gather to honor fallen soldiers. Following the service a march will start at 9am from at the crossing of Martin Place and Elizabeth St and will continue south on Elizabeth St to Liverpool St.
  • The Coloured Diggers march is an alternative to the main march in the city that celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders who have fought and died for their county. The march starts from ‘The Block’ and will begin at the Redfern Community Centre at 10am where there will be entertainment, music, tea and coffee and traditional Anzac Day pies. The march starts later.
  • At Bondi beach the Dawn Commemorative service starts at 6am at the North end of the Beach. This is a sight to behold with thousands of participants showing their respect as the sun rises over the Ocean.
  • There are heaps of other events taking place across the city so check your local area to see what else is happening close to you.

Martin Place

Bondi Beach


After the dawn Service:

Although ANZAC day is a poignant day of remembrance, there is also a sense of celebration and pride in the air and needless to say, a tradition of getting together with friends to enjoy some Aussie traditions. Namely, the chance to play two up.

But, what is the Two-up anyway?

Two-up is a traditional gambling game that was played extensively by Australia’s soldiers during World War I. Now it is only played publicly on ANZAC day

Pubs worth checking out:

Public Bar @ Bondi Beach Campbell Parade

Doors open from 10am and two-up will be played later in the day to the soundtrack of a classic Australian playlist. They will be serving Aussie classic Meat Pies and Tinnies.

The Australian Heritage Hotel @ The Rocks

Coins will be flipping on the street from noon and from 6pm the barbecue will be fired up. There’s also the chance to see the a special performance by the Scots Marching Band as mentioned above.

Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel @ Watsons Bay

Doors open from 10am and two-up will be played later in the day to the soundtrack of a classic Australian playlist. They will be serving Aussie classic Meat Pies and Tinnies.

The Glenmore Hotel @ The Rocks

Doors open at 8am with two-up starting from midday on the rooftop where you can enjoy a view out across the Harbour. The Scots Marching band will be also performing a show on the street, definitely worth a look if you love the Bagpipes and a bit of tartan!

Enjoy your ANZAC day, show your respects and keep your fingers crossed in the two-up ring!



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