A Unique Way Of Exploring The Rainforest In Cairns

A Unique Way Of Exploring The Rainforest In Cairns

We’d like to formally introduce you to Uncle Brian’s, one of the best backpacker tour companies in all of Cairns. Uncle Brian’s has been locally owned and operated since 1995. They know Cairns and the surrounding areas better than anyone and offer only two tours: ‘Cape Tribbbin’ ventures north to the Daintree National Park, and ‘Fun, Falls and Forest’ to the waterfalls at the Atherton Tablelands, south-west of Cairns.

Whether you are travelling alone or with a group of fellow backpackers, Uncle Brian’s is great at making everyone feel included on their tours. To make things easier for you, the tour bus will loop around Cairns picking everyone up from their accommodation, before hitting the road for the ultimate fun day out. Within a few minutes of stepping onto their bus, you’ll know everyone’s name, and maybe even a few fun facts about them too! Your knowledgeable tour guide will educate you about the history of the area and will talk you through the itinerary for the day. Then it’s time to crank up the tunes, play some games and have some fun!


Cassowary Spotting 

Cape Tribulation Beach

1. Cape Tribbin’

Get ready to explore the oldest living rainforest in the world, and swim on remote tropical beaches , with Uncle Brian’s ‘Cape Tribbbin’. Located three hours north of Cairns, the Daintree National Park and settlement of Cape Tribulation will be yours to discover for the wilderness experience of a lifetime.

After getting picked up from your hostel around 7:00 am, you’ll begin the journey north. First stop: Port Douglas and 4 Mile Beach. Port Douglas is the gateway to two World Heritage listed sites, and offers beautiful resorts, quirky boutiques, delicious seafood and mango coloured sunsets. Here you’ll have free-time to wander around the small town, swim at the beach and get to know the other backpackers on your trip, before continuing up to the rainforest.

The Daintree Rainforest, Daintree National Park, Daintree River and Daintree Reef were named after an English geologist and photographer. Richard Daintree spent a number of years in the Tropical North in the 1800s, during which time he pioneered geological studies and photographed his everyday life in Queensland, mining expeditions and the aboriginal people. Some of his photographs can still be found in the National Museum of Australia today.

As you reach the Daintree River, make sure to keep all arms and legs inside the boat during your crocodile cruise. Learn about the history of the river and the surrounding mountains, while trying to spot saltwater crocodiles swimming, sunbathing or nesting . You’ll also see large mangrove trees, an assortment of birds and maybe even a snake or two, hanging out in the trees! Following your croc cruise, jump back on the bus and cross the river via ferry. Now it’s time to hit up Cape Tribulation!

Cape Tribulation Sunset

After his ship was badly damaged in Endeavour Reef in 1770, Captain Cook stumbled across the hidden gem of Cape Tribulation. Named for the misfortune he endured on his journey, he couldn’t have been more wrong about what he had accidentally discovered. Cape Tribulation is situated directly between the Wet Tropics Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, offering the best of everything: extraordinary views of lush green trees, white  sandy beaches and turquoise-blue water. Put your face paint on and explore the area. Don’t forget, lunch in included on the tour and you’ll get to eat it on the beach!


Did you know, the most dangerous bird in the world can be found in the Daintree Rainforest? Imagine an ostrich crossed with a velociraptor… that’s what a cassowary looks like, and can grow to be taller than you . It is also one of over 600 unique species found only here in the Daintree Rainforest. Hopefully you spot one of these ‘dinosaur birds’ on your guided rainforest walk. You might also get introduced to the Strangler Fig, but don’t worry, these constricting vines only attack trees. The vines wrap themselves around their host, suffocating it over many years, before the tree eventually dies and disintegrates, leaving the spooky hollow trunk of it’s murderer. No one knows the rainforest better than Uncle Brian’s, and you’re bound to see an assortment of unique animals and plants along the boardwalk!

Crab Artwork on Cape Tribulation Beach

Your final stop of the day will be to the Alexandra Range Lookout, where the rainforest truly meets the reef. You might even catch sunset here and take a group photo with all your new friends, before enjoying the journey back to Cairns together. You’ll be glad Uncle Brian’s led the way for this amazing rainforest experience!

** Don’t forget to pack bug spray and maybe even a light raincoat on this trip (you’re headed into the rainforest, after all).

2. Fun, Falls and Forest

It’s 7:30 am: Uncle Brian is waiting outside your hostel to whisk you away to some of the most phenomenal waterfalls in all of Australia. Make sure you have your camera, bathers, towel, a bottle of water and sunscreen; Uncle Brian’s will supply everything else!

The Atherton Tablelands are known for their natural beauty, crystal clear waters and impressive mountainous landscapes. What sets the Tablelands apart from the other beautiful wonders around Cairns, and even Australia, are the waterfalls. Fun, Falls and Forest, here we come!

In Awe of Millaa Millaa Falls

The start of your journey around the Tablelands, will take you on a walk through the rainforest to Babinda Boulders. Take a dip and cool off in the swimming hole, and then warm up again with a hot cup of tea or coffee and a selection of cakes. Here you will embark on a guided walk to learn about the rainforest and an Aboriginal tale, called The Boulder’s Legend: A forbidden, secret romance, that was doomed from the start, and an untimely demise for one. The Boulders are still haunted with their spirits to this day, and some visitors still hear cries coming from the rocks. Will you be one of them?

Millaa Millaa Falls

The second stop of your day is to Josephine Falls, which will truly test how tightly you’ve tied up your speedos. This tiered cascade waterfall flows down Josephine Creek, over and around massive boulders, smoothing them out to create a natural water slide. Start with the basics, sliding down on your bum, and when you’re feeling a bit more confident, go for the more adventurous options such as the Superman, Rodeo Bull or 360 spin, or grab a few mates and slide down as a train. We guarantee you’ll have a blast, and won’t want to leave this amazing swimming hole.

After all that swimming, you’re bound to be hungry! Time for a delicious, hot, 2 course dinner at The Falls Teahouse. Try out some locally sourced, homemade iced tea at this incredible property, overlooking the green rolling hills. No one would’ve guessed that the famous Millaa Millaa Falls were just around the corner…

Following lunch, it’s just a short drive to the colossal Millaa Millaa Falls. At 18m tall, this heritage-listed plunge waterfall is certain to give you a deep tissue massage when you stand underneath it. Millaa Millaa is just over 800m above sea-level, meaning the water is incredibly fresh, and will most definitely wake you up if you’re starting to tire out.  Perhaps you recognise this waterfall as the location for the Herbal Essences hair flick? Get a few practise attempts in, and don’t worry if you don’t have much hair, even bald heads have been known to successfully do the flick. If you didn’t bring your own camera, your tour guide will take some photos on theirs, which will appear on the Uncle Brian’s Facebook Page within a day or so, for you to tag, download and share.

Your penultimate stop of the day will be afternoon tea at the beautiful blue Lake Eacham. This volcanic crater has filled up over time, creating a 65m deep lake that is lukewarm in temperature and perfect for an evening swim while the sun sets. If you’re not a big swimmer, then there’s a few platforms where you can watch the fish and turtles swim around.  Keep an eye out for Dave, the sole freshwater crocodile that resides in this lake. There has never been any incidents recorded, as freshies rarely attack humans, so the crocodile has been left to live in peace, and often just hangs out on the opposite side of the lake.

Uncle Brian’s Van

Chilling Out after a busy Day in the Rainforest

Daintree’s wonders

By now, you will understand why the Atherton Tablelands are so popular for backpackers. It’s a fun-filled day spent in the water, listening to great music and discovering nature at its finest! You’ll return to your accommodation with amazing knowledge of the local area, as well as photos, friends and memories to last a lifetime. Once you meet Uncle Brian, you’ll always be a part of their family!



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