A Backpacker’s Must Do In Sydney: Learn To Surf

A Backpacker’s

Must Do in Sydney: 

Learn to Surf


Surfing and surf culture is synonymous with Australia. One of the most enduring images of Australia alongside kangaroos and koalas, is that of the surfer riding the waves at Bondi.

Full On Aussie Experience

Can’t get more Aussie than that…

Just as surfing is as the heart of Australian beach life it is only fitting that one of the leading surf companies Let’s Go Surfing operates with a whole lot of heart. Started out of the back of a van in 1995, Brenda Miley started the company to encourage women to surf more and ‘change lives one wave at a time.’ The definition of creating good vibes on the tides!

Taking a lesson is a Must!

It is this inclusiveness that ensures that whether almost pro or a complete beginner any traveler will feel completely comfortable at a lesson. This is certainly something that I can personally vouch for, as someone who has trouble not falling over on land I was understandably a bit nervous for how my limited balance would hold up against the waves of Bondi! However, I should not have worried, the instructors Justin and Sam were absolute pros with unlimited patience! Their enthusiasm was infectious and their clear instructions and safety training meant that I could focus on the goal of standing up (just once!) Despite being predictably terrible I stood up a couple of times, which just goes to show that with the right guidance miracles can still happen!

Surf Instructor

Surf Lesson

Bondi Beach Surf Lesson

Bondi too expensive?

Surf lessons aren’t the cheapest activity you can do, at Bondi a beginner lesson of 2hours will set you back $110, however with travelling there is always a way to save a little bit of money. Change location from iconic Bondi to chill out Maroubra and you can save a cool $40. Money which would be best put towards engaging in another important Australian pastime, barbecuing and drinking an ice-cold beer!

Don’t miss your chance to fully submerge yourself in the Australian Culture, book your Surf Lesson today with Let’s Go Surfing



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